9 Scientific Facts That We Can Do To Stay Healthy As We Grow Older

stay healthy as we grow older


There are a lot of positive things that we can attribute to growing older.  Generally, we gain in wisdom, knowledge, patience and being content.  However, the one thing most of us struggle with as we age is our health.  But there is scientific evidence to show that we can take steps so that we stay as healthy as possible as we age.

Here are some suggestions:

1.Eat Whole Foods

What this means is its what you eat that makes all the difference.  Load up on your fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and low fat dairy.  Try to stay clear of fatty meats, butter, sugar, salt and packaged foods.

Studies have shown that this type of whole food diet can make us live longer while helping to protect us from heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzhiemer;s disease.

2. Walk

Walking at a brisk pace for al least 30 minutes can have huge health benefits.  If you can;t do 30 minutes then try breaking it up into smaller segments, perhaps 10 minutes each time.  But make it a brisk walk so that you are a little out of breath.  It helps keep brain cells healthy by delivering more blood and oxygen. In fact, research suggests aerobic exercise may delay or improve symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

It also helps:

Control your weight

Improves your mood

Keeps muscles and bones in shape

Helps you sleep better

3. Stay Connected

Loneliness can affect your health negatively.  Whether you live alone or with someone and feel alone, both have the same affect.  It could cause dementia or depression.

Seniors who report having the feeling of being lonely have a harder time completing everyday tasks.  They also die earlier than their less lonely friends.

Researchers also found that people that are lonely have higher stress hormones that causes inflammation and swelling, leading to arthritis and diabetes.  JUST STAY CONNECTED.  TO BE CONTINUED….

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