Let’s Talk Affiliates

Let's talk affiliates


What Is An Affiliate

Basically, an affiliate program is a program where a merchant or network of merchants will pay an affiliate or partner that sends them traffic by way of links, banner ads ad displays etc..  Usually a commission is set form when a customer who clicked on their link to a particular merchant by something or refers someone to join their affiliate program.


Who Can Become An Affiliate

Generally, there are two types of Affiliates, A Publisher or An Advertiser.  The publisher places ad, banners and links of the advertiser generating both the publisher and advertiser traffic and increased revenue.  The advertiser or merchant will pay the publisher a set amount of commission based on traffic and sales.  Its a win win for both.

Success Or Failure Depends On Several Factors

Steps To Your Success:

  • Have a clearly defined objective-Be able yo answer three important questions before you even begin.
  •  Who am I targeting with my affiliate program.  Another words, what is my niche.  You have to answer before you try to evenfind an advertiser to become an affiliate with and vise vers, an advertiser wont know what publishers suite them best if they don’t answer this as well.
  • How is your affiliate program going to look. Are you going to promote primarily through blogs and other articles, email marketing, social media or ad displays.
  • What is your niche or who is your audience.  This will determine what type of advertisers you will a good m match.
  • Where is going to be the most affective means for promoting.  This will depend on the type of site you have , your network of influence and your audience.  Have a clear written out plan that clearly shows your objectives, mission and vision.

These are some basic tips to get you started but remember some will be through trial and error, and other through experience.  But readjust accordingly but stick to the plan and vision.   If you do those two things you will be a marketing success that others will want to follow.

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